Photos of Airbnb Apartment in downtown Montreal

At one time Airbnb used to offer photography services for free. Now it’s not free any more. Host has to pay at least $75 per session. I have been doing this photos for $40. All a host needs to do is to send me a message, book an appointment and I will show up at your door steps, take the photos and deliver them the next day.

When a client is looking for a place to stay, they look at the pictures first and then they look at the review, so the photos are very important.

Then, if you get interested renters, if they give you good reviews, the Airbnb search engine will put your property in the top of the search list and you as they host,  you will make a lot of cash.

I wish you good luck on your Airbnb endeavors and I hope to be there to photography your property as soon as it’s ready.

Corporate Event Photography, Sudha Halder

I was honored to be invited to photograph  the 10th year of entrepreneurship of entrepreneur Sudha Halder, CEO and President of Management Build Canada Inc. & HALDER Realty Corp..

I love corporate event photography. I get to meet a lot of positive ambitious people and I might get to meet my next client.

Here are some tips I have learned along the way:

1. Dress properly. If every one is wearing a suit and a tie, don’t come in jeans and t-shirt.

2. Be polite. At the event, every should be addressed with respect.

3. Be fast. People might be talking important business, you don’t want to interrupt their conversation for more than a few seconds.

4. Don’t take eating shoots. People don’t like to be disturbed while eating and eating shoots are not always the best.

5. Be fast editing and delivering the photos. Usually, a corporate event is a form of branding. You want to deliver the photos while it is still fresh in the mind of the host and the guests.

Thank you Sudah for hiring me for this nice event.

Photos of an apartment for rent.

If you want to rent your apartment, for sure you need good photos.

When people are looking for an apartment they look for the location they want, the price range and then they look at the photos. Bad photos… no rental.

In this occasion a land lord asked me to take pictures of his property so that he could put his apartment for rent.

If you have property that you want to put in the market, give me a call. I would love to photograph your property and help you rent it faster.

Photography of Halloween Party

One of the most fun events of the year is Halloween. At this time we can let our imagination and creativity run wild, we can be anyone we want. A person, a character, a thing.

The whole idea of Halloween is to have fun and to preserve those fun memories.  And what better way to kept those memories than by having a professional photographer recording every fun moment of the party.

These photos were taken at Universal Dance Studio in Montreal. If you are planning a Halloween party for 2018, I am your photographer.  My name is Alain Guillot and I will be delighted to serve you. 🙂

1 year old’s birthday party

My name is Alain Guillot,

I am a photographer in the area of Montreal. I love photographing events such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, corporate events, etc. I love having a window into other families, cultures and parts of the city.

In this occasion, I was invited to photograph the first birthday of a beautiful baby girl.

The event took place in a restaurant in Montreal. There were about 100 guests came to celebrate this first year of life of a gorgeous little girl.

I have attended many birthday parties but I have never seen such a big birthday party for a 1-year-old. But here we were, elegant dresses, delicious food and drinks, and performances.

One of the most popular performances was done by Elsa, the character of the Walt Disney movie Frozen. Also, the DJ and the music were fantastic.

If you ever organize a birthday party, please think of me as your photographer. I hope to meet you soon. 🙂

Gender Reveal Party

What’s a gender reveal party?

It’s the great moment when everyone in the family discover the gender of the future new member of the family. Many times the parents themselves don’t know the gender of the baby until the big signal is given.

In this occasion the signal was smoke bombs but other items could be the inner color of a cake or a big pinata.

In this particular party, the whole family gather to eat and celebrate.

Taking pictures of your gender reveal party is best way to make your surprise unforgettable.

Alain Guillot Photography will take pictures of that special moment. Get in touch with me and I will be right there, recording your most precious memories.

Airbnb property in downtown Montreal

Airbnb is very popular in Montreal.

When Airbnb fist started, hosts used to get the service of a photographer paid by Airbnb.  Somewhere along the way, this service was no longer free.  Hosts were responsible to pay for their own photography services. It was at this time when I started getting calls.

It is my experience that for properties to be attractive in the Airbnb platform, they must have color, plants, paintings, etc.  If a wall is naked, the ant sheets are boring, it’s difficult for the photographer to make it look different. Only the perception of space and light could be adjusted.

Wedding Proposition Reenactment

My friend Jake proposed marriage to his girlfriend Katsi this January 2017.

She said “YES!”

As soon as she accepted they informed all the members of the family about the engagements.

Jake’s mother Katie Leen, thought this is a moment that should be recorded in history and she decided to hire me to photograph a reenactment of the wedding proposition.

The proposition was done in the skate ring at the old port.

I was nervous because I didn’t know how to skate. So I arrived about 30 minutes early, rented some skates and taught myself how to ice skate. By the time the engaged couple arrived to the skate ring I knew enough to be able follow the couple and get some good shots of their relationship.

So here it is: Photos of the reenactment of the wedding proposition: